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We all are greatly aware of the fact that online gaming industry has never been that popular as it is nowadays. Of course, such gaming websites existed even 20 years ago, but the question lies in why it becomes so popular only now? The most important reason is the better Internet operating. The Web has grown and improved itself, which is why it let the casino owners operate providing better services. In turn, this attracted a lot of customers from all countries, whether it is Canada, or England, or any other place of residence.

The most common reason for using online casinos and not landed ones is the absence of necessity to go somewhere to gamble. Numerous customers find it pretty comfortable to stay at home, create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere and play being “packed” in warm blanket. The other reason touches not all gamblers, only those who cannot play in landed casinos even if they wanted. Lots of countries simply forbid operating of landed casinos. So, the gamblers of those countries have no choice but online gambling.

If you are here, you are probably in search of the best casino that can provide you with the best services ever. You may have a lot of wishes. They may be lots of bonuses (including no deposit bonus and free spins, for example), a pretty wide diapason of diverse games, the possibility to change language versions, play with both computers and mobile phones and simply feel sure about the safety of your data. Are we right?

The topic of today’s review is casino DreamVegas. Does this casino have features that we were talking about above? What services can it provide you with? This information and much more details can be discovered if you simply scroll down and read our review. We were trying hard to gather that information that is going to come in handy when the decision is ready to be made. Let’s get it started.

Why to Make Dream Vegas Casino Your Selection?

We have come to the thought that it would be quite appropriate to start our review with a little introduction part. You need to know the general information about DreamVegas, such as the year of establishment, if it is legal, and if it is, what licenses it operated under. Do you want to find this all out? Great! Scroll down!

The casino, which carries the name Dream Vegas, was established only a year ago, in 2018. We bet that if you got to the official website dreamvegas.com, you would never think that the casino operates only for a year. It is possible to notice that numerous customers play there and that the developers worked a lot to create a beautiful and easy interface. These are one of the reasons because of which the casino has become that popular and loved among users from all countries, whether it is New Zealand or Australia.

We all know that the gaming world and its Internet market in the UK and the whole world has a long listing of great online sites to play with. The question lies in the following: why to make DreamVegas casino your selection? What features can guarantee that you will not regret about your decision if you play here? 

The first thing we should mention is that it operates under the license that was given by MGA, so it is absolutely legal by Maltese law. What about the other things? We are going to talk about them further, about each in details. Scroll down to discover some useful information about casino Dream Vegas!

The Portal’s Appearance

The appearance of every portal’s website always plays an important role while you start forming the whole impression about the chosen platform. Firstly, you are going to decide for yourself if the casino’s design looks good and unobtrusively or not. The second thing you are going to decide for yourself if the interface is easy and causes no problems in the terms of navigation and pages surfing.

We think this is understandable enough how to get to the casino’s website. You can either enter “Dream Vegas casino” in the search engine of the browser or simply click on the link www.dreamvegas.com that we are glad to share with you. Once you passed on link and the new tab opened, you can start forming your impression.

The very first thing that you are going to notice is two men and one woman that literally welcome you by offering 100% bonus welcome pack. We are going to talk about this offer later, now let’s get back to the appearance. People that “welcome” you are displayed on the background with the most wanted city in the wish lists of all gamblers. Of course, the talk is about Vegas. For background, black, gold and blue tones are used mostly.

In the middle of the page’s top, you will notice the platform’s logo which is bright and is designed in blue and gold tones as well. The right side offers you to “Join now” or “Login”. The left side offers you to take a look at 5 sections, that are named as “Home”, as “Live Dealer”, as “Games”, as “Promotions” and as “VIP”.

Now we want to stop at the point with the bottom of the home page. For example, if you want to change the language version, but still do not know how to do it, you should scroll to the button and take a look at the heading “Play in Other Languages”. Under this heading, you will see 6 icons that stand for 6 languages. Choose the most suitable one. Also, there are a lot of fast links with the help of which you can discover a lot of useful information. In this place, the casino tells about itself too.

Also, this part of the home page displays the info about available payment options, among which you can find PO Visa, PO MasterCard, PO PaySafeCard and others. It displays other companies that it works with. The casino shows what licenses it operates under and explains that gambling can be addictive, so you have to be careful and limit yourself in case of noticing suspicious signs of possible addiction to gaming.

If to talk about versions on different gadgets, we should say that the interface adapts for every device, whether it is laptop/computer or mobile phone/tablet. Talking about mobile versions, we must mention that you can play from the browser or via mobile app that can be downloaded from the store.

Signing Up Process

The process of signing up is easy as well as the whole navigation on the website. If you decide to register on this portal, you will need to press the button “Join Now”. Once you click on this button, you will receive a new tab opened. This tab of registration is intuitive and notifies you what information you need to enter on each signing up step.

The whole window is designed in dark blue tones mixed with ornaments and include nothing that could distract you. The very first thing that you are going to mention is your name (the first name + the last name). After this, you will need to choose gender and date of birth. The last line supposes choosing your country from the listing of available countries.

After all those lines are fulfilled, it will be possible to click on the button which is named as “Continue”. What you will have to next, will be said and shown. The registration process of casino DreamVegas causes no problems and questions, that is for sure.

Spectrum of Slots and Other Games

The spectrum of available game models and its wideness is important for all gamblers because they are looking for a great way to entertain themselves and not get bored. It is clear that all people are too different and one thing, which can be adored by one customer, can be also hated by the other customer.

This is the exact reason why casinos want to make the diapason of games as wide as possible. To take a look at the DreamVegas’ diapason, you should click on one of 5 buttons while surfing the home page. The section “Games” will open you a listing of gambling models.

Once this tab is opened, there will be 11 games categories (GC), among which you can find the best for you, including GC with slots, GC with table games, GC with card games and so on. It is also possible to search for a particular game or particular provider in the search engine which is displayed in the right upper corner of the games page.

If you are a big fan of live games and you dream about playing with real professional croupiers, you can do it with no problems without a necessity to go to landed casinos. Live games in Dream Vegas are never records and are always played in live mode. Try this out!

Frequent Flyer Programs, Promos and Bonus Codes

Every person likes getting prizes no matter if the talk is about real life and holidays or about virtual life and casinos presents. We know that most gamblers hope to hear that the casino has a no deposit bonus on the offer, but the reviewed casino cannot provide such bonus. Though, it does not make the casino worse if it does not provide such offer. Dream Vegas casino can provide with lots of generous bonuses, including the one that we are going to tell you about in details.

The casino offers its customers the welcome pack. This pack is divided into 3 parts of depositing. For example, the first part of depositing supposes opportunity to receive a 100% bonus which will let you gain a sum of up to 400 pound sterlings (£) and 50 free spins that you can use playing any game from the NetEnt soft provider.

The second part of depositing supposes opportunity to receive a 40% bonus which will let you gain a sum of up to 3000 pound sterlings (£) and 30 free spins that you can use playing any game from the NetEnt soft provider.

The third part of depositing supposes opportunity to receive a 60% bonus which will let you gain a sum of up to 1500 pound sterlings (£) and 40 free spins that you can use playing any game from the NetEnt soft provider.

If you want to find out the information about other possible offers, promotions and bonus code using, you will need to go to the official site dreamvegas.com and check what offers are valid and what offers are not. Before accepting the terms & conditions, we recommend reading them very carefully.

Safety and Security

Every single visitor wants to feel protected when he/she gets to the casino website. This is quite clear, because nobody dreams of becoming the Internet fraud’s victim. The casino get this pretty well, which why it took a lot of security measures to guarantee that you be safe while visiting the website to both gamble and simply take a look at the website’s pages.

  • SSL-Protocol. Let’s imagine that you shared some personal information with the casino, such as driver’s license or the date of your birth. Maybe, it was your passport data or your exact address. You would not want to let some frauds steal such confidential information, right? There is where SSL-protocol comes into the game. Once you share the information, it automatically becomes encrypted for all but the portal.
  • Cookies. Those are small pieces of data that the website can put into your computer/mobile if you accept using cookies. Why is it worthy to put those pieces into your device? If you use them, they start working to separate your information from the data of other website’s visitors.
  • Verification/Authentication. The processes of verification/authentication cannot be considered as processes that users like. Numerous users find them annoying and boring, but who cares if they help to understand that your profile and your information is safe and nobody can get to them. For example, if there would be no authentication, anybody could log into your account without a necessity to confirm the identity.
  • Reliable Payment Institutions. Also, lots of gamblers worry if money transactions are committed safely, if the institutions that provide the possibility to make monetary transmissions are reliable or not. Luckily, DreamVegas casino cooperates only with reliable, trustworthy and popular banking institutions, so that they could guarantee the safety of transactions.

Help & Care Center

Sometimes, it is possible that gamblers have some problems or issues. In such cases, they need to get solving ways and somebody who can lead them to those ways. The situations can be different starting with overloaded service (because of which you cannot load the website and play normally) and ending with your own question about payment options or withdrawing time, for example. Those are just examples, you may get questions on various topics.

The portal’s administration understands that all situations are possible which is why it is ready to help you in case of emergency. How can it help? What help measures are taken to provide the customers with the highest level support? Is it qualitative and speed? See for yourself.

You have two main ways to get support. The first way supposes contacting the portal’s workers though online live chat which works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The administration guarantees that the answer comes quickly and includes irrefragable answer. The second way supposes contacting the portal’s workers though email address which also works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Dream Vegas Casino Conclusion

Maybe, your thoughts are mixed a little right now, but it is okay. It is better to make sure that the decision is right twice. This is exactly why we want to end our review with conclusion and explaining our recommendation.

If you pick this casino, you will be able to play looking at the design which is simple, easy, clear and does not cause any navigation process. This website let you play from computers and laptops as well as from mobile phones and tablets. The interface is flexible and adapts for any device.

If you start playing here, you will be able to pick the game from hundreds of models of different genres, such slots, board games, scratch and card games. Those who want to play in a mode “live” will be also pleased because the casino provides its clients with such opportunity.

If to talk about bonuses, we should mention that this portal offers each newbie a welcome package which is divided into four depositing parts, but in result can bring up to 4900 pound sterlings (£) and 120 free spins on every NetEnt’s game.

You can feel safe while playing here because of the taken security measures, such as using SSL-protocol, using cookies, using the process of verification/authentication and making money transaction only with those banking institutions that are reliable and gained trust from customers of all countries.

If you have any problems, the staff of the casino is always here to help you. It works over the clock and answers pretty fast, so it will not take long until the response with the solution comes. You can contact the administration through online chat or by writing them via email address that is displayed on the official website.

See, how many features it has. You can take advantage of each feature and start your gambling career with DreamVegas casino with no problems. We wish you a lot of luck and a lot of winnings! Go ahead!

review by Aaron Nash